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This will not only increase your bench press, it will also help to prevent injury. But how much should your teenager be lifting? Compound movements should always come first. The posterior and lateral heads of the deltoids act as stabilizers in the bench press, and the anterior front deltoids are more involved in the pushing of the bench press. At this point your boy or girl is considered a novice weight lifter. Keep your feet as far under you as possible, drive your feet into the ground, drive the back of your shoulders into the bench and explode the bar upward in a strait line.

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How To Increase Gains On Your Bench Press!

Although it's unlikely that your teen would have 5 years of lifting experience -- the amount of time it typically takes to be considered advanced -- by the time he or she is 15, it's possible. Encourage your teen to only add weight once he can complete 10 reps of bench presses at the current weight without jerking or bouncing the weights. I'd recommend you make out a bench press schedule to follow for about 7 weeks. Close-up romantic portrait of the adorable couple of lovers tenderly hugging in the field full of yellow blooming Silhouettes of the happy couple holding hands and jumping at the background of the colourful sunset. If you're talking with your teen about weightlifting, or perhaps giving him or her a spot at the gym, reinforce the importance of taking it slow and using proper form.

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